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Department Aims
The aim of the geography department is to bring an understanding and sense of place for where we and others live. We look at the physical processes which shape our natural world as well as human activity and the impact we have on our environment. We aim for students to understand the interdependence between people living in different parts of the world and be able to empathise with others people’s lives and viewpoints.

We aim to foster a sense of awe and wonder towards the world and its people and understand the importance of providing for people today whilst also being able to protect the interests of future generations.
Department Staff
- Mrs. G. Chenery (Head of Department)
- Mrs. A. Tune (Head of Year 9)
- Mr T. Lewis (Head of Year 10)
Key Stage 3 Information
Geography is part of the core curriculum in years 7 and 8. Geography covers a variety of variety of topics.

In Year 7 we consider:
  • Map Skills
  • UK (including a local study)
  • Weather and Climate
  • Hazards
  • Environmental issues
  • Italy

In Year 8 we consider:
  • Brazil
  • Ecosystems
  • Sustainable development and globalisation (considering Ghana)
  • Tourism
  • World of sport

Throughout all these units we develop a range of important geographical ideas and key skills.
Key Stage 4 Information
Geography is a popular option subject in years 9, 10 and 11. Students follow the new AQA Geography syllabus. The following units are studied:

Unit 1- Living with the physical environment
  • Section A: The challenge of Natural Hazards
  • Section B: The Living World
  • Section C: Physical Landscapes in the UK (Rivers and Coasts, not Glacial Landforms)

Unit 2: Challenges in the Human Environment
  • Section A: Urban issues and Challenges
  • Section B: The Changing Economic world
  • Section C: The Challenge of resource management (with a focus on Water)

Unit 3- Geographical applications and skills
  • Field work
  • Issue evaluation
  • Geographical Skills (this runs through the course).

Students sit 3 exams:
  • Paper 1 Living with the Physical Environment (Physical Geography)
  • Paper 2 Challenges in the Human Environment (Human Geography)
  • Paper 3 Geographical applications and skills, answering questions about fieldwork we have undertaken and responding to questions based on a pre released booklet that they get in the March of the exam year.

There is no course work or controlled assessment in this course. We do go on a trip to the coast (a small cost) and into the local area to prepare for paper 3 and strengthen understanding of topics in paper 1 and 2.
Out of school activities
There are several trips the whole school offer: Ski trips etc. In the past there has been an Iceland trip which was a great success. We are also committed to take advantage of any other opportunities that might arise during the year.
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