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Inclusion & Student Support
Department Aims
To support all students of the school to make progress in all areas including academically, emotionally and socially.

Students who are on the SEND Register at SEN Support or have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan will receive support according to individual needs. Our aim is to support students to become independent young adults when they leave Shirley High School.
Department Ethos
We aim to provide a positive ethos and climate of respect and trust where students feel safe.
Department Staff
- Mrs. E. Duncan (Head of Inclusion & Student Support (SENCo))
- Mrs J Barter (2 i/c Inclusion & Student Support

Student Support Assistants:
- Miss. R Boury
- Mr. D. Duncan
- Miss L. Floodgate
- Miss. S. Frimpong-Toogood
- Mrs. M. Gaynor
- Miss. P. Kiffin
- Mr. G. King
- Mr. M. Powell
- Mrs. M. Reeves
- Mr. A. Roberts
- Miss. C. Sarpong
- Mrs. J. Tunney
- Ms. A. Warwick
- Mrs C. Williams
- Miss. L. Wyatt
Department Facilities
The department has an office and two dedicated classrooms (D25 and D26) each containing personal computers and interactive whiteboards. There is also a dedicated counselling room where confidential counselling sessions take place and a room dedicated to Family Therapy run by an Educational Psychologist.
Key Stage 3 Information
In year 7 students are added to the SEND Register from information received from primary schools. Existing support and Access Arrangements will continue. In the first term, all students are tested for Literacy skills including reading accuracy, reading comprehension, spelling and handwriting speed. Students with below average scores are then placed into small literacy groups which take place once a week. If thought necessary, some students will be taught on a 1:1 basis once a week to improve their literacy skills.

Students with below average reading comprehension scores also attend a reading group three mornings a week to participate in the Lexia Programme. There is also the possibility of using the Lexia Programme at home.

In Year 7, students identified as below average in Maths, are withdrawn into small groups to focus on improving numeracy skills run by the Maths Department.

In Year 8, any students who still need extra literacy support are usually timetabled for one lesson a week of targeted support, according to their needs. We also have a structured reading programme for students to make progress independently.

We offer social skills groups, anger management, mentoring and counselling from the school counsellors as and when required.

The department offers a daily homework club at lunchtime from 12.30pm – 1.15pm open to all students where two Student Support Assistants are available to help students if required. We also run a homework club every evening from 3.05 – 4.35pm where two Student Support Assistants and at least one SEN teacher, often two, are available to assist students with their work.

A daily lunchtime games club, where a variety of board games are available for students to play, is run by the Head of Inclusion & Students Support and the 2 i/c Inclusion & Students Support.
Key Stage 4 Information
From Year 9 – 11 we run two Support Option groups a year. These are for students who choose to study one less option in order to further develop literacy skills and receive support in all subjects plus advice and help when applying to Sixth form courses, either at Shirley High School or elsewhere. Emotional and social support is also available. Student Support Staff liaise with subject specialist staff to make sure that students are on track to receive the specific support they need.

At the end of Year 9, identified students are assessed for Access Arrangements at GCSE level. Candidates need to fulfil the requirements set by the Joint Council for Qualifications. If granted, Access Arrangements remain in place for 26 months until the end of Year 11.

Homework clubs, games club, counselling, anger management, mentoring and social skills groups are available for all students as and when they are required.
Key Stage 5 information
Any student can access support which ranges from support with organisation and study skills, academic support and support for emotional and social needs. Year 12 students will be screened in the first term to assess the need for Access Arrangements at A Level. Students need to fulfil the requirements set by the Joint Council for Qualifications and consultation with each student’s previous school will be required to establish a history of need and a history of provision.

Students with a Statement of Special Educational Need or an Education, Health and Care Plan are supported according to the requirements of the statement or EHCP.
Out of School Activities
Trips are organised by the department with a view to raising self - esteem and improving confidence.
Able, Gifted & Talented Students
The Gifted and Talented Register is coordinated by the 2 i/c Inclusion & Student Support. It is compiled from the recommendations of all Heads of Department and is updated annually. Each department organises any particular Gifted and Talented activities.

For further information please see the Inclusion Policy on the school website.
Any other information
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